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Ysgol Mynydd Isa

Ysgol Mynydd Isa comprises of two sites. An infants Site (formally Wats Dyke Infants) located at Wats Dyke Avenue and a junior site (formally Ysgol y Bryn) located at Chambers Lane, Bryn-y-Baal.

Infants Site: Wats Dyke Avenue, Mynydd Isa, Flinthsire. CH7 6UL
Junior Site Chambers Lane, Bryn-y-Baal, Flintshire. CH7 6SJ
Tel:           01352 752714
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Historical Information

Ysgol Mynydd Isa has a long proud history having originated in a tiny lean-to  built in the late 1800’s on the rear of the now demolished Calvanistic Methodist Chapel on Mold Road, Mynydd Isa just up from Chapel Street.

In 1906, Flintshire County Council built a new primary school in Bryn-y-Baal.  The original building on this site survives today much expanded and changing its name over the years – It became Mynydd Isa Junior School when a separate infants school as Mynydd Isa expanded in the early 1970’s.  For many years the sign outside the school proclaimed ‘Flintshire County Council Mynydd Isa Primary School’ despite Flintshire becoming part of Clwyd and it was well into the ‘reign’ of the new Flintshire Council before it was replaced (and preserved by the school).

In 2011 the infants school was combined with the junior school and once again became a single school, now known as Ysgol Mynydd Isa.


Past Headteachers 

Miss Owen (on loan from Mold Council School) April 1906 – May 1906
Miss Anne Davies May 1906 – Oct 1909
Miss Myfanwy Llwyd-Jones Oct 1909 – July 1910
Miss Rachel Brindle (Acting) 11 -> 15 July 1910
Miss Sarah Ann Jones 15 July 1910 – July 1919
Mr Freddy Williams August 1919 – December 1951
Mr Cyril Hewitt Jan 1952 – April 1958
Mr J.E. Hewitt May 1958 – July 1958
Mr Joseph Holdsworth Sept 1958 – June 1969
Mr Kenneth Darlington June 1969 – July 1988
Mr Goronwy Morris Sept 1988 – March 1996
Mr Jeremy Griffiths (Acting) April 1996 – July 1996
Mrs Janice Dickens Sept 1996 – April 2003
Mr Richard Collett April 2003 – to date


WATS DYKE INFANTS SCHOOL – Wats Dyke Avune, Mynydd Isa    1973 – 2011

With the expansion of Mynydd Isa during the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Flintshire County Council, opened in 1973, a new infant school off Wat’s Dyke Avenue in Mynydd Isa.  The first headteacher was Mrs Kath Jones who was superceded by Mrs Margaret Pritchard in September 1983. Mrs Pritchard retired in July 1997. In September 1997, Mrs Marion Hughes – the Deputy Headteacher –  became the last headteacher at Wat’s Dyke Infants. Mrs Hughes retired in July 2010 After that the Junior and Infants recombined to become Ysgol Mynydd Isa with one head teacher and a deputy for each school.

Past Head Teachers

Mrs Kath Jones 1973 – 1983
Mrs Margaret Pritchard 1983 – 1997
Mrs Marion Hughes 1997 – 2010