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Application for financial assistance

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Financial Information: Please enclose the following with your application

1. Copy of your organisation’s latest financial accounts.

2. A statement of all funds held in the name of the organisation (this should include all financial institutions account balances and a list of all investments held at the date of your application).

3. The resolution of your organisation to request financial assistance with signature of Treasurer/Secretary

Please note: Failure to provide any of the items requested under 1 to 3 above may render your application invalid.

Terms and conditions:

1. Applications must be received by Argoed Community Council by:

30th June for July meeting

31st October for November meeting

28th February for March meeting

2. Verification that the financial assistance (if granted) has been used for the purpose intended may be required. Failure to utilise the monies granted for the purpose intended will invalidate the financial assistance obtained and may result in a requirement for the monies to be returned to the council.